it's christmas time...

So our Christmas tree is FINALLY up. It's about as decorated as it's going to get. {Gotta love helpful toddlers!}

I'm in the midst of a craft binge. I have so many ideas. So many projects started. Christmas is nearing. I'm starting to think I'm crazy.

I finally at 1:50pm hopped into the's been a long day...and I didn't shower yesterday {TMI} because I was running around like a maniac all day.  Thankfully{finally} the baby was napping and the big guy was happily entertaining himself. When I stepped out of the shower this was my view:

 {Yes, the vaccuum is in the bathroom. I'm totally ADD today and brought it in but never finished the job. ahhhh. Please look past the huge heap of clothing-the dryer has finally been repaired and I am in the midst of the largest heap of laundry. The view...what I saw was the amazing view out of my window!}

 {The hugest snowflakes are coming down! It's beautiful.}
 {And impossible to capture using an iPhone. Sorry. Believe me though.}

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