Organize This.

So, as I'm sure you can relate--things are a little busy with gearing up for the Holidays.

Normal people clean. They prepare. They don't tear apart every closet {except for my sewing room, I know that will be a HUGE task!} to organize before company arrives. But alas, I'm crazy. I'm embracing it and enjoying my freshly organized closets!

We've lived here for a few months. When we initially moved in we put things away, not necessarily where they "belong." So, there you have it.

I apologize for the awesomeness of these pictures...sometimes the iPhone is the closest camera. Life.

{On a side note, this guy celebrated his half birthday AND started solids.}
 So I figured since the little guy is 6 months old. It was about time I finally decorated his room. I used some blank canvases that I had been hoarding. The two photos are 11x14" and the center with his name is 12" square. This artwork was seriously simple to make. For the two photo canvases I chose two pictures (one from the day he was born and one from his 6 month birthday) and had them printed 11 x14" at Sam's Club. It cost $3 each. I trimmed off the white borders and painted the edges of the canvas with a mixture of black/white/grey paint similar to the photo. I used Mod Podge along to glue the picture down and then again along the top. SO EASY! I then put orange rick rack along the edges just to tie the colors into the room a little more. I

These pictures really are awesome. Ha. {Sorry.} But here you can kind of see the orange trim.

Okay, back to my organizing binge. I did take before pictures, but they are BAD. You would seriously be asking yourself, how does she live like that? Lucky for you, my iPhoto is being lame and not let me view photos I've recently uploaded {awesome} so you'll just have to take my word for it.

This is in Cole's room. I repurposed bins and storage from other places. The upper shelf has 4 boxes across from Ross that were about $5 each about 5 years ago. I used bins from Ikea that I must have bought when Callum was born (so 3 years ago.)

 What do people do with their wedding dresses? Mine has already lived in every closet in our house. I don't know WHAT to do with it. Right now it's living in Cole's closet because I don't want it in mine.

Oh, and back to my ADD, this is Cole sleeping amongst the clothes I was folding. How sweet.
 And here is my project that I completed while folding laundry. My side of the closet was a disaster. I still had maternity clothes (summer clothes, no less) in the shelves. All of the sweaters were on the floor. My shoes were everywhere. I had summer dresses hanging up still.
 My boot collection is now living in the side of my closet...I need a better solution for that as well.
 We have a strange sloped roofline so I'd like to get rid of the wire shelving and make something more built in and nice looking. Maybe next summer...
 Here is some of the excess that I took out of my closet. {YAY!}
 I also cleaned out my laundry room. It was a slight disaster. I had nothing hanging.

SO, progress. Having things in a place is amazing! Now to keep it up!
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