Front Door Swag

Since moving into our new house, our poor front door has been totally neglected. In October, we were having family come into town for my son's birthday party. In other words: the perfect excuse for jazzing up or entry!

I whipped up this beauty using real hydrangeas and some cardborn wrapped in yarn. 

I started by printing out a template from the computer. I traced the numbers onto cardboard and then cut out the cardboard. {Cute chipboard numbers and letters don't exist here!} It was a pretty forgiving process, you might need some serious scissors...

Once I had the numbers cut out, I used my hot glue gun to help stick the yarn to the cardboard. 

I began by outlining the edge of the number first with hot glue, then with yarn.

Then, I carefully wrapped along the edges starting at the bottom. I added a little extra hot glue along the corners of the 7, just for good measure. For the zero, I made a little ball of yarn that would fit into the center and then wrapped easy!

Once I was finished with my numbers, I glued them onto the wreath, and then jammed a few hydrangeas into the wreath. I feel like it's not quiet "fall" enough, so one of these days soon I'll probably change out the hydrangeas with something a little more fall...but then again, I might not, and then I'll just switch out a Christmas wreath....

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