New Beginnings

Spring has FINALLY arrived. Needless to say, I'm happy as can be. This spring will bring the birth of my second child, as well as new babies for many friends. I will also celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary.

And thankfully, the warmer weather is on it's way....which means some extra Vitamin D, and new plants. I have a brownish-green thumb. I generally can keep plants alive, although they are not perfect and many days look like they are knocking on death's door. Seeing peonies in bloom outside make my heart race. I long for a day where I will own a home that I can surround with peony bushes and hydrangea's. Wouldn't that be heavenly?

Another new beginning, is that I'm in the process of developing a true "craft themed blog" to focus on the numerous crafts I enjoy, and that way you wont have to read personal posts (like potty training a toddler!) unless you subscribe to my personal blog. I'll let you know the details once I have that a little further under way.

My weekend has been filled with spring cleaning and MAJOR rearranging of furniture. Being only 5 weeks away from d-day, I figure it's time to start to prepare for this new little one's arrival. My husband gets major props for his helpfulness!! We have company coming next week, so aside from preparing for a baby's arrival, we're preparing for the arrival of craft space has moved. I no longer have a sewing "room" but instead a sewing area. I'm luckily to have so much space to begin with, but I will miss having a room that I can walk out and close the door. I suppose sharing is important, right?!

I'm excited to start sharing what I've been working on. I know I've made LOTS of promises and I've been doing a LOT of talk about these projects. Soon. Very soon (I hope!)
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