A million and one projects-all a work in progress.

It seems like I've caught a crafting second wind.

I have a million and one projects started.

I made the cutest thank you note but forgot to take pictures {shame, shame, bad blogger!} although I foresee more thank you notes in my future...

I've made some onesies like the others that I've personalized before {like this, and this} but alas, the first baby boom arrival is still holding firm, so no pictures to share yet. I used a different technique, which I think is my favorite yet!

I was asked by a friend to make some wedding gifts. I'd made one for a friend and it was a success, but that too is still not finished.

Another friend asked me to make a birth announcement gift for her. I've started it, done some painting for it, but I'm fighting with my brand new piece of crap printer and haven't finished it yet.

I also had an idea to make a piggy bank for my son. I purchased one from Target and started the process of spray painting the pig-but that has a lot of work to go.

I did make a belt for my son. He's skinny. He's partially potty-trained wearing big boy underwear most of the time, and his pants fall down....an easy project, let me know if you would like to attempt this yourself. It's very inexpensive, and very easy to do.

I also ordered fabric today and plan on starting a quilt for a friend in the near future. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Is the baby's room ready yet? Absolutely not. Ha.

So, I have stuff that eventually I'd like to share, but nothing finished all the way yet. In the meantime, I will share with you my son & his love for the knit jersey bracelet:

This was the day I made them. 

This was taken this morning. 
Of course, he has to wear ALL of them at once. Never just one.
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