Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!

I have some wonderful memories of St. Patrick's Day's past. From St. Patrick's Day Parades in NYC, to classroom activities with former students, this not-so-Irish girl thoroughly enjoys the festivities of this day.

And although I generally always decorate for the nearest holiday or season, for some reason my greenery never made it out of storage this month, oh well. I actually haven't really been getting into any themed crafts this month now that I think about it...

What I have noticed in many of the blogs I follow: tons of rainbows. Although leprechauns and pots of gold are cute, rainbows have a special significance to me in my marriage. I like to preface this by saying I'm not a "rainbow" kinda girl. I wouldn't decorate with them, although I do enjoy ROY G BIV.

You see, soon after I was married (only a few hours actually) rainbows started popping up during special occasions.

On the day we were married, right as our cocktail hour began, this popped up over the Hudson River:

Photo by Peter Finger

I should preface that rainbow by saying for May, it was a surprisingly pleasant and warm day, but all of the sudden the sky turned from a solid magnificent blue, to a scary tone of grey. That's when that rainbow, the first of our marriage popped up. And since I'm now looking at pictures from my wedding day, this is what I mean:

Photo by Peter Finger
{I tried to find a picture taken a little earlier in the day with a bright blue sky, but my computer and I had a little fight...}

Two of the most symbolic (to me) and amazing rainbows I've seen and wish I had pictures of were seen:

On the day we found out that my husband would be leaving for Iraq on Friday the 13th (a bad sign in my mind) a rainbow emerged in the Colorado sky and I knew everything would be okay. And in the end, it was.

On the night before my husband was set to return to Iraq after 2 weeks of time together (mid-tour leave) again a rainbow appeared in the Colorado sky...and again, I knew it would all be okay.

{what I would give for pictures of those rainbows!}

When we were finally reunited after 15 months of deployment, and barely 20 months of marriage, we finally departed for our honeymoon to Hawaii. It was there was saw countless rainbows. In the taxi only minutes after getting off our flight, this is the first rainbow we saw:

It was an amazing honeymoon in paradise. Soon after we found out we were expecting our 1st child! 

And that was only the beginning. It seems like whenever we  need a rainbow, one pops up...and for some reason, I always feel like everything is going to be okay. I hope to see a rainbow again soon, don't you?!
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