Freaking out

At what point is it okay to freak out about having a baby in about 65 (or so) days and the room they'll be coming home to looks like THIS:

 Yes, that is a moses basket being stored on TOP of the mattresses...

 THANKFULLY, my husband carried his childhood dresser upstairs so some baby objects/clothes could be put away, but this is really what the room looks like. Well, it looked like... to be fair, I should take a picture today. I did straighten it some, make a clear path to the mattress on it's side and that mound of grey fabric on my sewing desk is now part of a quilt.

Uuuuggh, so not ready for a baby.

I suppose half of the problem is our crib is currently being occupied. I'm not sure when he'll be ready to move to a big boy bed (but why by another crib if we don't have to?!)  well and the huge sewing desk isn't really helpful either. Or that gigantic mattress for that matter. Uuuugh. So much to do.

Somehow I've managed to NOT get a newborn room ready OR get a big boy room ready EITHER. Classic.

And have I mentioned we might be moving halfway across the country at a moments notice?! Awesome, right!
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