Little Girls

Being a mother of a son is wonderful, but I'd be lying if I said I don't long for a little girl of my own some day. Maybe that's what I'm currently brewing? {fingers crossed!}

Not too long ago (back when it was snowing all the time) my local Target was having a HUGE sale. Everything seemed to be 75% off. And I'm a HUGE sucker for a bargain and an even bigger sucker for a 75% off sale. I found these adorable boots, and I couldn't pass them up. They were only $3.74. HOW CUTE?! 

My husband reminded me, Dani, we don't have a daughter. And I quickly replied, I'll get them for Abigail (my best friend's daughter.) 

So, those adorable little boots led to a bigger project: 

A while back I showed you some baby gifts I'd made for my friend Adele. She loved them so much that she admitted she thought she might not WANT to give away the gifts I'd made. So while I was making something for Abigail, I thought I'll have to make something for Megan too. 

So for the first time I used iron on vinyl that I cut with my Silhouette. 

I learned the lesson not to cut the vinyl too thin, it didn't seem to adhere to the fabric too easily when I ironed it on.

Then I made the girls some teethers. I love this pattern from Rubber Punkin. I added some crinkly plastic in the inside so the owls make some noise too.

And then, I had to make the girls some matching shoes. I absolutely love this pattern for the Pleated Ballerina Slippers from Homespun Threads, and best of all the pattern is FREE!

I had put elastic across the top to help keep the shoe on, but I didn't love the way the white elastic looked, so I made little flowers and attached them to pins so they can be reused on shirts or headbands or a jacket perhaps.

So here are the goods for the girls. Cute, huh?!

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEE these. I wish I had an ounce of patience and talent for this sewing as you do! I know who I'll be bugging the whenever I have a little one to buy for!

  2. Thanks Michelle, don't you wish it would be acceptable for us to wear things like this?!


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