Attempt at Organization

Maybe it's the springlike weather. OR, the huge pile on my desk that I'm SO SICK of looking at and bumping into...Or, heck, maybe I'm nesting already (that would be amazing if I could nest for the next 3 months!) But yesterday out of nowhere I was compelled to do some rearranging/crafting/organizing. And as my Mom always says "you can't deny your crafty urges" I only wish my husband had this same way of thinking!

I tend to be a lister. I love a good list. I have lists everywhere, old receipts, post its, various pads, I figured it's about time to have a good solid list up on the wall!

I'd seen a few great ideas from other blogs that I loved. But, I was just smitten with Viv's.
Is that beautiful or what?! And when I left a comment she even took the time to write me back, I LOVE THAT! I figured I somehow had to integrate her fantastic idea into my little project of the day. On Viv's blog, she described how she painstakingly cut out her template and used paint and sanded, and I just didn't have the time when I needed instant gratification!

I ended up borrowing most of Viv's wording, I added a few, but simply printed mine out from the computer for now.

This is what I was starting with. I still feel like it's a big wall that's a little dwarfing, but we might be moving soon, and I'm just ready for a little change until I come up with something bigger & better...

Before (a tray that I actually sort of hate but used to display cards & pictures.) 
And this is what I switched it out to:

From Top Left: Family Rules, Top Right: "Clothes Line" to hang cards & pictures
Bottom Left: Chalkboard, Bottom Right: This Week (List)
The Chalkboard is actually from a $1.99 3 pack from Michaels of Self Stick Chalkboard Sheets. I just trimmed them down to fit into my 8"x10" frame.

And then I made these:

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