On the mend {and an easy Silhouette project}

Yesterday afternoon I was able to take my son into the Pediatrician who discovered a double ear infection AND wheezy breathing. Nothing a little Tylenol, Motrin, Amoxicillin, & breathing treatments can't solve! {With the help of some tissues, TLC, and leftover Valentine's Day candy-yay bribery!}

After a LONG night's sleep, today is a new day, and my little man seems like he's on the mend. Thankfully he is feeling better, and hopefully the medicine is working it's magic. His illness has led to my husband feeling sick, and now I'm feeling sick too. A weekend of a little one not feeling well, has led to a house of complete disarray. I'm in the process of finishing the laundry (yay, only one last load to fold!) but so much more needs to be done because I feel like my entire house needs to be disinfected. Do you feel that way after illness?

My nightstand now looks like THIS: 

On a much craftier note, my sewing room has been slightly abandoned with this illness, so I'll show you something I worked on at the end of last week and finally put together...

I ordered myself some Silhouette products for my birthday, and couldn't wait to give them a try.

Using the Silhouette software I used a photo of my son to create this silhouette on a vase using the provided software. (If you're interested in how to do this yourself, leave a comment!)

(These pictures don't do it justice, it's much more subtle in real life. I took these pictures in the dark, so...sorry...)

I also monogrammed a "B" on this vase:

I also labelled these silhouette pictures I made a while back. I'm not in love with these, but for now, we'll keep them.

My silhouette vase is now working double duty as a trash can:

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