HAIR {what do you do when you get a haircut and you don't like it?}

What do you do when you get a haircut that you don't like?

I'm not particularly particular about my hair. I generally like to have bangs (because I have some flyaway wisps that never grow across my forehead.) But I have a "it's just hair attitude." I know it always grows back, so I prefer to have a new style just about every time I go to the salon.

I had to admit though, I tried a few times at new salon's in DC, but never found anything I LOVED, so for the last year or two I'd been getting my hair cut in NY whenever I visited my parents. I figured now that I live 8 hours away, I'm going to have to find a new place.

So I decided to try to new salon, which itself was very nice, not a bad experience, BUT, I didn't really go in with any pictures of what I was going for. I sort of explained that I'm a mom, I hate washing my hair {and don't like to admit it, but I generally only wash and dry it once a week, maybe twice} so I'm looking for a no-nonsense style...we conferred and decided that I needed something that remove the "bulk" from the bottom of my hair {I have a LOT of hair} so long story short, I feel like by removing the bulk, I was left with a very shaggy cut that will require a LOT of work for me to have it look like it belongs on a human.

I probably should have said I don't prefer "shaggy" looks, so maybe it's my fault. I don't think it looks horrible. I can probably live with it. But I suppose the part I don't like is the top layer (as in, I like the length, but don't like what she did on top of the length?)

I also didn't wash it yet, since she washed it last night, I just straightened it....

(Sorry it's a self portrait, and not a good one)

So what are your thoughts? Be HONEST, please!
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  1. Oh, Dani, it's not that bad!! I remember getting a TERRIBLE haircut at an AVEDA salon in the Springs. I felt like I was sporting two a mullet. I think you need to wash it and attempt styling it yourself before you go to the next step. If that doesn't work, I'd call back (and soon) and say that you'd like to have a little of the length taken up make it look more even. I think that when they try that "shaggy" look, it can look like too much is going on. And, yes...that kind of style will take some time and maintenance to make it presentable enough to go out in public!! Been there, done that!! I would just have to make it shorter all around to fix it. Or, you could even have them do an inverted bob....longer in the front and shorter in the back. It's super trendy now. The bangs are cute, though!!
    Happy stylin'!! :P

  2. I hope this isn't weird to you that I just started following your blog! I came across you from another craft site (and after seeing the crafts you've done, totally want to follow - hope that's ok!)
    As for the hair - I think it would look cute straight rather than flipped out and you could add some layers to frame your face more - but I honestly think the same as Adele -it's really not a bad haircut! - incase you want to see who's following you and follow back :).

  3. Amy, WELCOME! It's not strange at all! I'm glad that you like what I've been working on...

    Thank you both! I think self styling my hair made it a little better. I did blow dry it under, and so it doesn't look so "brady bunch-esque" and it probably could use a little better blending of the layers, but I'm scared to mess with it more (or cut more off!) Luckily I've got pregnancy hormones & prenatal vitamins going strong, and hopefully my hair will grow quickly so I can put this cut in my past.


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