A new home for baby Jesus

When my husband and I were first married my brother & sister in law gave us the Willow Tree Nativity set with Jesus, Mary & Joseph. I absolutely love taking out my nativity and setting it up each December. Each year, I intended on adding to the collection, but only ended up adding the Shepard & Animals. I've mentioned (I suppose for a few years now) the prospect of getting the creche, but I felt like for what it was, it was a little expensive and something that could be made....

So, after probably 3 years of talking about it, my husband and I ventured to my favorite store (Lowes) to pick up the supplies so he could make it for me. Ironically, this trip was extremely stressful and I later called my best friend to tell her I could have divorced him right there in the store....We searched high and low for exactly what I wanted, and we just couldn't find it...finally on a random trip down the very last isle in the store, we came across the most feasible option and picked up what we needed. In a few short hours, my husband had used my design to create my vision...I was impressed and glad he had all his fingers after a few near mishaps with the table saw! After a few coats of spray paint, I'm pretty amazed with the results. I think at some later point, I'd like to put some antique glaze over top in hopes of making it look a little less crisp...

I have to add that in a strange twist, (talk about irony) my sister in law ordered me the matching Willow Tree Creche so baby Jesus would have a home....I couldn't believe that the very day we were constructing our own, my sister in law purchased us the real one. Later today I'll be heading to UPS to mail back Baby Jesus' second home, and instead Lauren is ordering me the Three Wisemen (so I will have the entire set!) 
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