Just when you thought I was done with baby gifts

Okay, I'll admit, my love of tiny little baby things is endless. I promise tomorrow I will not mention a baby item!

I was recently asked by my dear friend Nicole for some advice for a baby shower gift, she and I went back and forth a little bit, but ultimately I remembered these amazing burp cloths that she had lent me when my son was a baby. Now, I'm not giving her NEARLY enough credit. My son wears a hand-me-down at least every day (usually the entire outfit, I wont lie!) that was once worn by Nicole's two sons. I love the sharing. So does my wallet. And I've since been able to lend the clothing stash to friends & my sister in law for their sons!

SO, I decided to make a couple burp cloths and special items for Nicole's shower gift.

Her friend has a jungle/safari theme, and as soon as I saw this fabric I fell in love!
I made three burp cloths, and a special "lovie" with ribbon "tags"

Nicole's friend is a yoga instructor, so here's hoping for a very zen baby. 

Using my favorite (freezer paper) I printed namaste onto the freezer paper (Century Gothic font, I believe) I very carefully cut out all the letters, being certain to keep the middles of the A & E. I ironed on the freezer paper carefully, and then used puff paint (just like when I was little) to paint in the letters. So easy. Be certain to put something in between the layers of the shirt, because this would have DEFINITELY bled through. Be very careful when removing the freezer paper. So EASY! 

I also made this matching Lovie, I decided to use ribbon as "tags" because kids just LOVE the tags. 
 Here is how you can make one yourself:

1) Pick two fabrics that you love.
 2) Layer fabrics with right sides together. Cut down into a square. Mine was 12 1/2" (only because my ruler is 12 1/2" square...
3) For rounded edges (optional) use a round object to carefully trim away corners. I used a spool of CDs. If you have a washable marker, you could trace and trim using scissors, which would probably be easier.

4) Once all your corners are trimmed (or not) select ribbons for your lovie. I use an old metal hangar which is possibly the WORST ribbon storage option, and also a box that is just exploding with ribbon...ugh. You'll want to have 12 (if you want 4 on each side) 4" ribbon pieces, so I used a variety that went well with the animals on the front.
 5) Using your ruler (or just eyeball it) pin each ribbon (folded in half) with the raw edge of the ribbon along the raw edge of your fabric.

This is to show you that I ultimately used a spare piece of ribbon to determine the spacing between each one...it made it a tad easier. 

 6) Pin the layers together. Sew 1/4" seam around the edge, leaving an opening to flip right side...you will probably have to leave a few pins in the ribbons and simply carefully sew the opening shut.
 7) Once you flip the right side through, pin the opening shut.

 8) Top stitch around the enter edge, then using 1st seam as your guide, sew around one more time. In the following picture you can sort of see that I have sewn around the edge twice.

This is a VERY easy project, I don't think it took more than 1 hour....
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