Easy Button Pillow

My friend Amy absolutely LOVES fall, luckily her birthday falls in mid-September, so I thought it was only fitting to give her a fall themed birthday gift. We've been trying to get away from spending tons of money on each other's birthdays, so I figured I'd try to come up with something easy and "fall" inspired.

I was able to create a simple pillow using buttons from my stash. Don't tell Amy, but this projects probably didn't even cost $5!! AND, I was able to finish the entire thing during ONE long afternoon nap!

I picked a font and printed out just the outline of the "S". I then used a sewing marker that washes off to trace the letter onto my fabric, as you can see from the pictures I ironed the fabric in half to give myself a guideline before tracing. Of course any fabric will do, but I used some remnants of my favorite fabric: drop cloth from Lowes. I stuffed my pillow with half of the cheapest pillow I could find at Walmart ($2.50) I drew a line using a ruler across the long side of the pillow. I think I tried to separate the filling as best as I could and then used a rotary cutter to cut the pillow in half. I then pinned the pillow shut and sewed the seam shut using a zig zag stitch. It does not have to be sewn perfectly (I discovered!) I used the button hole stitch on my machine and I did lay out the buttons beforehand on my printout to make sure they'd look okay.

Before sewing everything together, I used some rope I had on hand (from my dog bed project) that I covered with the same fabric to create a more finished look. I sewed everything together and flipped the pillow right side out. I inserted my cheap-o pillow, if you don't have a pillow fiberfill will do. I just discovered the fiberfill was more expensive to buy...go figure.

I love the way the pillow turned out and can't wait to make one for myself with the other half of that pillow!
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