Beach Burlap Pillow

I'm so excited to share this creation with you. I'm not kidding when I tell you that it is SUCH a quick project. I've had time to do all of this, plus do two loads of laundry AND finish the last episode of the Real Housewives of DC...

I just put new bedding on my bed. I've just been feeling I need something new to change things up. I get this way at least once  year...but being that we haven't even been in this house 3 months I figured this nagging feeling just wouldn't go away...I'll have to tell you about the new bedding another day because I'm in love with my new burlap pillow!

Being that I just returned from a wonderful beach vacation and that I now live in a landlocked state, it make sense that I wanted to have a serene beach/lake feeling in my room, right?!  Using the other half of the Walmart pillow I mentioned in my previous post I created this adorable pillow.

I found an image of a seagull, printed it out onto freezer paper, trimmed the bird away, then ironed the freezer paper to my burlap. I then spray painted the image of the seagull onto the burlap using a tan color only slightly darker than the burlap itself. If I had black I might have tried it, but alas, no black spray paint.
Sorry this picture is side ways, I just didn't flip it before I uploaded it. You get the idea:

The construct the pillow, I simply sewed a seam along the bottom edge of the burlap with my sewing machine. I think jammed the pillow inside, and using a very large needle and some of the burlap I'd pulled off to create a little ragged edge I simply sewed up both sides of the pillow.

Here is a better picture of the seagull:
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