Previous Projects: Snowmen

What a great walk down memory lane!

I've been searching for projects I've worked on and came across THESE, which are a favorite of mine. My husband was about to leave for a deployment to Iraq, so we traveled to visit with family on the east coast. The men did something to keep themselves busy, and the women, well, we made snowmen, a lot of them. The snowmen came in different shapes and sizes as you can see. We worked together to construct them, which required many steps (sewing, stuffing, creating noses, sewing the seams together, sewing on buttons, sewing on faces, sewing on hats & scarves, and finally stiffening!) once they were all created we had a TON of snowmen and took turns selecting which ones we'd keep.

All in all, aside from being very adorable, these snowmen remind me of a cherished time at the Lake with my Aunt Linda, Mother in Law, and Mom.

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