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This sewing gig all snowballed after seeing my friend Emily had made an Around the World quilt, from the Quilt in a Day series. I was amazed that she was able to create a quilt and I wanted to make one too! That morphed into a desire to create myself a purse I could use daily, that wouldn't cost a lot of money. From there, I started making these little wallets, I called them "barlettes" because they were very small and perfect for holding some cash and an id card/credit card (I was in college!) Really, being able to create something from nothing is so amazingly fulfilling for me.

The purses are always fun to create, but once I got pregnant I became interested in a new variety of projects. Baby quilts of course are always something I enjoy on working on, but baby booties--nothing beats some baby booties! Nursing covers, bibs, burp cloths, baby carriers, and moses basket liners soon followed.

I hope in the coming days to post examples of my work...
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