DIY Halloween Costumes

If you know my Mom, you know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If there is a project, she's pretty much always figuring out how to make it happen. I remember her throwing me extremely creative birthday parties as a child, and always making my Halloween costumes. I'm sure my memory may be wrong, but I do put a certain amount of pressure that I should make costumes. (PS, this year I'm probably going to buy them...)

But when my son Cole started saying he wanted to be an "Excavator" for Halloween, I knew I was pretty much going to have to make it. So, in 2013, that's what I my surprise, once his brother saw the costume, HE wanted to be a crane. So I made TWO costumes. 

The following year, they both insisted on wearing the same costumes, so 37 weeks pregnant, I decided to "hit the easy button" and pulled the Crane and Scooper out of the attic. I did do some minor glue updates, but for the most part they were in great shape. 

In the spirit of sharing, I feel bad having posted about both 2013 and 2015, so here's the second go of the Crane and Scooper: 

Not bad, right?!
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When Life Happens {Halloween}

Life has been insane. Not just crazy. INSANE. And I could probably go on and on and list a million things to complain about, I'll spare you. We've all got plenty of's just meant that keeping up with getting things done AND writing about it on a blog has been a very low priority. But I'm really hoping to share more--there have been a bunch of things that have happened that I want to I do hope I'll be better (but won't hold my breath, because I've been wanting to share more for easily two years!)

Anyway, I was recently contacted by the creator of Make-Do because apparently Pinterest is linking to my blog, and my blog post from Halloween of 2013 links back to Make I started thinking about my construction Halloween costumes and realized I never shared my costumes from LAST year. In 2014, I was 9 months pregnant and my boys decided to wear their crane + excavator costumes a SECOND time. I wasn't going to fight them...

So last year, I had an almost one year old on the verge of walking...the perfect time for some projects...

When I started looking back at my pictures, I came across these pictures from last year and realized I had never shared them here.

My crew:

Here is a Halloween outfit (skirt and appliqu├ęd shirt + hair bow) that I made, it's the cutest, now I have to look and see if that skirt might still fit! (fingers crossed!)

A year later, holy moly--the sass of this child. It's so much worse now that she can climb, and knows what she wants. She is INTENSE. I think this is the hardest season of my life...and she's not even a teenager yet!

Onto the Halloween costumes: 

My boys have been OBSESSED with farming--it's a little ironic because we live in Oklahoma, but we live in the suburbs...we end up going to NY to get to the country!  So because of the farming obsession, we decided to go with it--the boys were farmers, my husband even agreed to put on a plaid shirt and work boots...I made all of the boys matching "Bartran Family Farm" hats. I was a cow. After breastfeeding three children, I certainly feel like it! And Delaney was a baby chick, we used some flannel to make her stroller into a barn.

The kicker, I spent so much time on all of these projects--my children did ONE street, and barely trick or treated for an hour!

-headband with with white flannel ears, pink inners, with little beige horns
-white shirt, black fleece pieces cut irregularly glued onto the shirt, pink belly with ACTUAL bottle nipples--I used hot glue but it was REALLY hard to get them to stay on, so I'd do a little more research and try stronger glue!

-used white felt, cut into feather shapes 3-4" long, hot glue in rows from the belly up, and on the arms
-cut an old-t-shirt into 3" strip, used red felt to create headpiece, I sewed the seam together. 
-hot glue orange construction paper onto pacifier. Surprisingly she did not mind--but the hot glue NEVER came off the pacifier!

Stroller cover Barn:
I used pieces of felt, I cut a lower section that I tied onto the stroller with 1" wide pieces of felt that I cut--adding ties with hot glue. Then I cut a middle section, again tied that onto the front piece of the stroller, THEN I added a larger back piece--I put the baby in the stroller with the red barn behind her.

The white felt was glued on with hot glue, square first, then added the X; the same behind the baby on the back piece. I used iron on vinyl to add a sign "the Bartran Family Farm" and glued that onto the middle section. And I added a "roof" upside down V along the top part of the stroller. 

-Used jeans, plaid shirt, vest we already had
-Cut cardboard box into rectangle, added a shorter piece for the top, added cardboard cut into circles; hot glue, I think the exhaust pipe was a toilet paper roll. I used twine, knotted onto grommets (not necessary but I had the grommets) to from the two front corners into one grommet in the back like a v. I glued push to turn on closet lights--the kids LOVED this feature! We added a golf ball covered in tin foil as the tow hitch.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about how to make these costumes. They are pretty simple, cardboard, paint and TONS of hot glue!

I'm generally pretty busy and do not plan on making these for sale (but hey if you are interested shoot me an email, I'll answer honestly if I don't think I'll have time!)
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Easy Cleaning {tip}

My house is in an amazing (disgusting) state of disarray. Today I decided I needed to do some serious cleaning...first project: our dining room. Our family has two eating areas, but we primarily eat at the dining room table. It's one of my daughter's favorite places to hang out--so it gets extra gross. 

I'm amazed that all it took to freshen up our dining room chairs was rubbing alcohol!! So easy and an amazing difference! 

Crazy, right?! It's not 100% perfect but it is so much better!!

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