Easy Cleaning {tip}

My house is in an amazing (disgusting) state of disarray. Today I decided I needed to do some serious cleaning...first project: our dining room. Our family has two eating areas, but we primarily eat at the dining room table. It's one of my daughter's favorite places to hang out--so it gets extra gross. 

I'm amazed that all it took to freshen up our dining room chairs was rubbing alcohol!! So easy and an amazing difference! 

Crazy, right?! It's not 100% perfect but it is so much better!!

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Summer Time Management {Chore List}

In an attempt at self preservation, I decided this summer I didn't want to be harassed within an inch of my life over SCREENS. I'm not sure if your family is like mine, but somehow every second of every free minute seems to revolve about using a screen of some sort (tv, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation.) 

I'm happy to report that 4 weekdays into summer vacation and it's nearly 2pm: my children haven't asked to go on a screen ONCE! {I'll be honest, I'm shocked!}

I would like to believe that making them accountable and needing to earn it, has really seemed to make our lives just a little less stressful. I am no longer the deciding factor if they can use a screen. They know not to ask...because my answer is "have you finished your list?" {And honestly, consistency is key: every time they ask, I repeat that question...}

I'm also subtly forcing them to PLAY, CREATE, LEARN, and HELP...and honestly, while I hear a gripe here and there about needing to finish and activity (reading) they really don't seem to mind. 

**It is 2pm and my son JUST said "It's 2 o'clock and I still haven't gotten to go on screens!" 

If you'd like to use my version of the list, click on the image below. I print it on both sides, cut it in half, hole punch, and put it into a small binder (a small clipboard would work too!)

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Summer vacation and End of Year Teacher Gift {idea}

Life is keeping me busy...as in, barely staying afloat. I'm embarrassed to see how long it's been since I've posted anything (meanwhile I pay money to keep this blog up) so I really do intend on being better about sharing and writing. So much happens every day!

My oldest children are on Summer Vacation!

I have a couple things that I'm trying and figure other moms might appreciate...but before I get to that, I wanted to share my end of year gift:

As the homeroom mom, I pulled together a questionnaire about the teacher that ended up being REALLY sweet. I've included my son's responses (he does not share his mother's love of penmanship, but you get the idea...and I'm so impressed that he's using THREE colors in his picture!)

I really struggled with how to best contain all 24 letters for the teacher. I wasn't sure if this was a keepsake she'd want to hold on to forever, but I also wanted it to be contained and nicely presented. I only had a limited time to pull it together (so probably would've pulled together a Shutterfly book if I had more time!) This fun clip is from the stamping aisle in Hobby Lobby.

I was able to purchase copies of Mo Willems "The Thank You Book" for both my Pre-K son + my 1st grade son's teachers. This book is the 25th (and final) Elephant and Piggy book--and I felt like for these ages, it is a perfect book to gift teacher's for their classroom library.

I used my silhouette machine to create a sticker to put inside the book, and as part of the wrapping.

The stickers are freebies from thankorama.com
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