Inspiration {craft room redo}

So I've already shown was a disaster my sewing room was BEFORE {I wish I could burn those pictures!} so I think it's only fair to show you my inspiration/ideas of how I made it to the final product:

To start: My Pinterest Board 

Also, lots of idea can be found on my building projects board

There are SO many amazing, huge, well organized, fresh + clean craft rooms that inspired me. But the room I kept going back to as a favorite was this one from Thrifty Decor Chic:

I also love this one: 

I also REALLY loved the craft space for the designers on the show "Making It" as screen grabbed by myself here:

For desks: 

This ended up being the exact plans we used (customized to our space using the measurement of the walls where we were installing): 

For mail sorters/fabric organizers: 

I used this plan, but made much larger (I think 10" deep and openings 12" wide)

For the craft table

For the monstrous cabinet, I adapted to plans but based my design off of this: 

For the Blackboard: 

I might still make something like THIS: 

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