Valentine's Day {Printable}

I love when my kids are decisive, except when it goes against a decision I've made...this year, I was 100% certain I was NOT going to be hand making ANY class Valentine's, but then my son wanted a very specific idea...with GUM. I couldn't say no to a good gum pun! {When it gums to Valentine's, I chews you every time!!}

Today, we had a snow day, so it ended up being a perfect day to put together his Valentine's for his class of 51 (I originally thought I'd send in small packs of gum from the Dollar Tree, but for 51 kids it would've been instead we went with the single piece of gum route!)

This is what it looks like when you have 51 children in your class! {woah!}

I printed this on cardstock (8 per page) and used glue dots to adhere the bubble gum to the card. The fonts I used are Monserrat and Wisdom Script

Get the printable version here.

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