Caulk + Paint + Spackle {craft room redo}

Today we had big plans to start reinstalling shelves in the closet, but we were bummed to discover that our spackle had dried off we went to Lowes...and then to Hobby Lobby because I remembered that we have Pinewood Derby next week and have made ZERO progress on our cars....and I had handed out all of the cars our pack had, and only 1 was left, but I have two children, so needed ONE more. I couldn't bring myself to drive the 20 minutes to the scout store, and the 20 minutes home; so I opted for the off brand derby car. It'll do. 

I digress, after returning home, I threw up a ton of spackle. I even filled some random holes around the house! That feels like a huge accomplishment and one of my major "refresh" goals for 2019.  Then, I pulled out the 5+ year old paint, it was SO rusted that clumps of rust kept falling into the once I carefully stirred it up, it seemed fine! Make it work, right? I also primed the shelves I built for the doors. 

Here's a preview of one of the pinewood derby cars...

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