Caulk + Paint, Make It What It Ain't {craft room redo}

Yesterday was my children's last day of winter feels like they've been home for about 6 years. Our housekeeper didn't come last week, and basically we are slobs...I didn't want to spend the final day of vacation cleaning, so I washed and remade all of the beds, and then took the kids for the most impressive ice cream sundaes and to the park to play. I didn't get a chance to work on anything in my craft room yesterday...

Today, childless, I had to go have a tire pressure monitor recalibrated...and then to have my eye glasses checked because my eyes are apparently reluctant to adjust to my new lenses. So in the hour between picking up from Mother's Day Out + elementary school I caulked my shelves. I caulked on my living room floor. I even used caulk to fill the pocket drill holes. I plan on priming and painting these, so we'll see if I regret my decision to caulk the pocket holes.

Now to prime and paint...
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