Time is just flying by...to say life is busy just is not even accurate. Life feels: insane? I spent Christmas Day, and the days after, majorly under the weather. I truly think I worked myself to the point where my body just said: NO. NO MORE! And then I pretty much could do nothing but lay down and rest. I actually binge watched a tv show! It was crazy!

At the start of this year, I am going to take the steps to make some changes. One of the biggest changes I've decided to adopt is the "distraction free iPhone." I've deleted all of the social media apps, along with Pinterest, from my iPhone. I'm not sure if I'll keep it this way forever, or if it will just be for the short term. I'm telling myself now that I would like to go through at least January. I am allowing myself limited "connection" and "distraction" via iPad but preferably I'm going to force myself to use the actual computer, where I have to STOP what I'm doing to sit down and focus on where I am. My children have all always had a mother with an iPhone, and it's constantly in my pocket, a fixture in daily life, but I want to really reexamine my priorities and message I'm sending to my family--they are the most important, not this little distraction in my pocket.

I also have a lot of projects on my mind that I'd like to undertake + share in 2018. The first big project I am going to take on is my sewing room. I am really lucky to have a dedicated craft space, and realistically (3 children, and two sharing a bedroom) my craft room might realistically need to become a bedroom for a period of time if our boys no longer want to share a room. So who knows what the future will bring, but I'm really hoping to organize my space...and hopefully a few other projects in 2019.

My word for 2019 is REFRESH. I'm really hoping to examine ways I can improve my day to day life. This word will help as my theme to help to direct my year. I've made it into the wallpaper on my phone/ipad, and I'm going to just continually try to look at ways I can refresh my life.

I'd really like to refresh my house--the main thing I'd like to complete is repaint the trim throughout the house! Aside from the sewing room, I'd also like to refresh the boys' bedroom, and to build a coffee table for our living room, and a porch swing for our lake house!

One of my silly, kind of funny goals is that I'm going to really try to do a load of laundry every day, so I'm no longer overwhelmed by laundry. Why is there so much?!

I'm also going to try to do as much Pilates as I can. I don't how many days that will be, but prior to Winter Break I was completing a pilates workout every weekday! That's something I'd like to continue in 2019. I've been a member of "The Balanced Life" for over a year and a half, and LOVE not having to think much about what workout I'll be doing, I just follow along with the provided calendar.  There's also a great meal planning/recipe section which has great ideas when I'm feeling like I'm in a rut. If you think you'd benefit from Pilates, click here for a referral link, I get a $5 credit if someone joins using my referral link.

Okay, I'm trying not to spent too much time connected, but still want to stay "connected" so 1-365, here I go!

Here is my iPad/iPhone "refresh" wallpaper:
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