Five Things I Learned in January

1. Over the weekend, I celebrated my 37th birthday. Around the middle of this past summer I mentioned that I was 37 and my 6 year old son corrected me and reminded me that I'm actually 36. Oops. So I've been "feeling" 37 for some time now, but at least now I "know" my age.

2. There IS a wine I would drink (without gagging or dry heaving!) One of my New Year Resolutions this year is to find a wine that I would willingly drink. I mean, I think I am at an age that I SHOULD be able to swallow wine without gagging. My goal is to try ONE bottle of wine per week, last week didn't happen, I'm going to try to keep track and I'll hopefully share about my findings.

3. My word for 2018 is simplify. I started by doing Emily Ley's simplicity challenge and felt really great about my progress. I'm realizing that after making the early efforts to clean out in an attempt to simplify I lost some steam. SO, I am going to schedule my time and not let my efforts completely go to waste. I still have a long way to go, but my clean out goal was to "be ruthless" and it really feels GOOD to go to the places that I've finished. So far, I've done my overflowing master closet, bath vanity, the children's bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and the pantry/under stair storage. The goal is to be unloading everything at the neighborhood garage sale next October.

4. I'm needing to reconnect. The chaos of life left me feeling a little disconnected. I'm trying to make some efforts to intentionally connect with the people that are most important to me.

5. Creativity clears my mind. My husband needs physical exertion to clear his mind...I need to slow down and MAKE something. I suppose I've known this for years, but with three little children I was less likely to USE my creativity. I am also going to try to schedule my time to allow some creativity. I've set a goal to MAKE something every month. (And I've already succeeded, now I need to share about it!)

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