Pantry Update

Last week I built a table for my sewing room. I brought it inside...bought some new bins + containers...spent a lot of time organizing all of the stuff, and then decided to update my pantry. {I'm starting to think I have some kind of A.D.D. where once I think of a crafting idea, I cannot get the idea out of my head...I'll be building a desk any day now, mark my words!} I need to show off my new sewing table, but have to wait until I actually USE it once!

I had initially wanted to update the pantry of my last house, so many of the containers I used for this update were purchased a year ago, before we moved!

I was inspired by the amazing pantry of The House of Smiths, and considered using my Silhouette machine to make a stencil or vinyl pattern, but ultimately decided to use the stencil of Emily at Jones Design Company.

My pantry wasn't even terrible before, it just was cluttered and disorganized, well and a little plain.




*yay for awesome iPhone landscape photo option, boo for terrible closet lighting!

I also made three crates to store lunch boxes and our emergency gear, more on that later.

The upper level stores cookbooks on the right, and tons of extra supplies along the top shelf.

But here's the good stuff: canisters, bins, labels, order. {ahhh}

Snack foods in glass jars: {from HomeGoods}

Baking supplies: 

Bins for crackers, chips, and cookies:

Lined up spare foods, candy, lots of home made vanilla extract {make some if you haven't!}

A pantry must have, a clear shoe organizer. I store vinegars, sprays, and the lower portion is filled with snacks the kids can grab easily.

I didn't paint behind the right handed shelves because they are less visible, and already have grey paint behind them, I just reorganized these shelves.

I store all of my cook books and recipes on the top shelf...I suppose that looks like it could be cleaned up {maybe tomorrow, I have no more energy for this project!}

I actually found the painting extremely therapeutic, but I will caution this was NOT the easiest project. Using the Jones Design Company printed stencil {printed to 75%} I had to hand draw each row of the design. I painted the grey portions and in most places took two coats. This is NOT perfect, some areas are thicker or thinner. I used a very fine brush and a 1" foam brush. I spooned paint into a plastic baby food container so I didn't risk spilling or dripping from the gallon can. 

It is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. 

I also did NOT have a good eraser and had to go to the store to buy some areas the pencil marks were more visible. 

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