How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo with Pages {DIY}

I probably can be described as a Facebook addict, but that's a story for another day...something I like about Facebook is being able to easily share pictures with friends and family that are all over the globe.

One way I like to tweak + personalize my Facebook page is to create photo collages for the cover photo.

I had this one up around Christmas. It matches our Christmas Postcard.

From last year:

Fun, right?

Here is how I do it with my iMac:

*This is how I convert these files using an iMac, my guess is this will not work with a PC. Instead of having Microsoft Office, I have the Apple version: Pages. I know there has to be other ways, using file converters, etc. but this is the way I feel the most comfortable making documents into pictures...even though I do have Photoshop and need to learn HOW it works!

Click on this image to open be able to download the file template for you to download and instructions.

Once the file is downloaded, personalize the template by deleting the text in the top page. Go ahead and personalize using your photos and backgrounds. I have locked the gray box where your existing profile picture will appear. If you want, you can leave that blank, but whatever on the cover photo is behind that box will be covered when your profile is viewed.

And here are a few additional images if you are unsure how to save and convert the file to a JPEG.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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