Merry Christmas!

I'm a day late {or two} and a dollar short. It's just that time of year.

We ended up with a huuuuuge Christmas tree. This is our boys standing on top of our coffee table...

Before Christmas I ended up seeing a beautiful wreath at HomeGoods and should have snagged it...but didn't and still regret it. I decided to attempt to recreate it, this is what I came up with: 

I used a fairly large, metal wreath form and two rolls of burlap from Hobby Lobby. I had a hard time understanding how to get the roll through the wreath form, and felt like a genius when I realized you just pull the loops from the back keeping the roll in the back of the wreath the entire time. It was actually extremely easy. I used a variety of Pinterest tutorials of how to make a burlap wreath.

The bow is just large satin wired ribbon. I hot glued the important places and left very long tails.

I usually let my husband take the lead on Christmas decorations and I fill in any necessary gaps...with all of our moves we have accumulated an impressive collection.

We have two lamps out front that I felt needed a littel something, so I tied some red berries to a premade {fake}  evergreen/pinecone comb...tied a burlap bow and looped them onto each lamp. So easy!

Next year I might even make them BIGGER!!  or redder? not sure...I have a year to make up my mind.

My husband took care of the porch area with some garland.

And I decorated our front table with a variety of Christmas items. The garland is fresh, and looks like it's half dead. The small sleigh and vine reindeer is front Gordmans, and the JOY sign is from Target. The 3D glitter ornaments on the bottom shelf are so heavy for the real tree, but perfect for this tucked away space on our entry!

I feel sort of sad to need to take all of this down already!! 

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