Lil Christmas Tree {DIY}

Preparations for Christmas this year seem to be extremely slow in we got a tree yesterday but haven't decorated it at all yet. Thankfully my 5 year old is on top of watering the tree...

I decided to give this little tree to the kids, so they can enjoy the extra light at night, and to feel the magic all up close + personal, and hopefully to leave our actual tree alone. 

Kid's Tree with Burlap Covered Wooden Base

The problem is that the tree had a tiny little plastic base. The tree kept toppling over every time you so much as look at it! This morning I sprinted (literally, the garage is that cold!) into my scrap wood pile and made a little wood base. I cut some burlap to be slightly larger than the piece of wood, and hot glued the burlap to the board, and then added some fun pom pom trim. I hot glued the plastic base onto the center of the burlap covered board. It took about 5 minutes to finish, and will help to keep my kids from getting frustrated because the tree doesn't stay up on it's own!

As a side note, earlier last week, we moved our little guy to move into the room of his big brother. We hope this doesn't backfire on us, and really we have the room for them to have their own space, but I like the idea of them having to tolerate someone else being in close proximity. Maybe I feel like life is a little too easy for them (I mean, as it should be for 5 + 2 year olds) but I want them to share. 

While bedtime is taking a little longer... we hear the giggles and laughter and find it hard not to laugh ourselves. It's hysterical to hear when the older one falls asleep and the little guy is yelling for his big brother but getting no response. 

I left them last night (for the first of 25 visits until they were both sleeping) and the little guy was sitting up mesmerized by the lights. It was cute. 

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