Baby Shower Gift

My husband's boss is also our neighbor. His wife is about to have a baby...and I love making baby gifts. So I put together a bunch of items for baby, for mom, + for dad.

I used Noodlehead's Divided Basket Pattern to make a basket to store all the baby items.

For Mom, I included Lansinoh Breast Pads (strange to give to your husband's boss's wife??) eos chapstick (my new favorite!) make up remover wipes, note pads, thank you notes, a small notebook that I added stickers saying "sanity saver" because I would forget EVERYTHING after having a baby. For Dad, I included burp rags and a hysterical printout of this image {how not to raise a baby}...and most importantly for baby, I included some flash cards, a temperature gauge rubber ducky for the bath, pacifiers, handmade pacifier straps, pacifier wipes, boogie wipes, baby shoes, newborn diapers + wipes held together in a very simple diaper wrap strap...and a onesie with a silhouette image likeness of a boxer, saying "Mocha's boy" (Mocha is their boxer!) 

Once the baby is born, and they commit to a name, I'll personalize a few things as well...I just love itty-bitty baby things. 

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