Thankfulness + a Thanksgiving Turkey

I have been all over the place lately...totally MIA and barely doing one creative thing lately. I need to get my act together.

I just (well, a week ago) returned from a visit with some long time friends....pre-children, pre-husband friends. Freshman year of college friends + back when I was a teacher friends.

I was extremely lucky that my husband volunteered to stay home from work to stay with our little guys. It's so nice to be able to leave and not worry for a second that they might not be taken care of...he's a great dad...and husband. I was flyin' solo. Ahhhh.

I got to meet my besties third baby...he's beyond adorable!

So, I was able to see these "old" friends...and I swear it's like having my batteries recharged. We seriously squeezed every possible second to be all together. We had a sleepover. We ate. And ate. Everything revolves around food when I'm in town. We went to one of my favorite restaurants (the Chestnut Grill in Philadelphia if you ever have a chance!!) and best of all we laughed. We laughed so long and so hard it hurt. It was great. I don't remember the last time I laughed so much.

I ended up going back to the college where I graduated and visited my boss from my work-study job. She is the most interesting woman, with such insight and integrity. I loved talking to her 10+ years ago, and loved talking to her like not a day had passed. I was so happy that she recognized me immediately after not seeing me in over 10 years. Seeing her reminded me that sometimes people are put in your life for a reason that you have no control of, and are just a blessing. (amen!)

It was great to be back in my old stomping grounds...and great to come home to my boys.

Now it's back to reality. Trying to get creative again.

Last week I made this adorable turkey out of a scrap 4x4 and a paint stirrer. After staining and painting the wood, I simply used a staple gun to attach the white paint stirrer to the front, and fanned a few across the back. Cute, right?!

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