Double Sided Chalkboard Countdown Display {DIY}

My latest project was inspired by a cute Halloween countdown I saw at Marshalls yesterday. It was so simple, just chalkboard {or black?} paint with a cute border + the wording "Nights Until Halloween" thankfully I have a pretty substantial scrap wood pile. I grabbed from what I had...sanding down the rough edges and painting with chalkboard paint that I've had for YEARS. (Does paint go bad?)

Once I painted the base and the plywood board with two coats, I let it dry overnight. I screwed the top board onto the base with two screws, I also added some wood glue for good measure. 

Before adding my text, I rubbed the entire surface with a piece of white chalk...then I typed my design on my computer and printed it. I taped down the top edge in case I needed to line up the paper with the blackboard...using a ball point pen, I traced the printout carefully. Then used a chalk "bistro" marker on top. 

Initially, I did not intend on this being a double sided project (although I had already painted both sides of the board, so I COULD.) I realized that my son has a birthday just a few days before Halloween, so I should also include a birthday I completed the process a second time, just printing out the text on the computer, tracing over with a ball point pen, followed by the bistro marker. 

It was that easy! Now I just need to remember to actually count down each day. 
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