Quick Bathroom Update: Knobs as Hooks {DIY}

One of the reasons I wasn't so keen on moving into a new construction home was that we would have the pressure of figuring out what the house needs...like good towel storage. Not a huge issue, but I am so worried about "hurting" the house. It seems like almost every picture I hang requires at least two tries...eek. 

One of the most obvious issues is the need to have a place for towels to dry. After careful measuring, I drilled three holes into the back of the door {scary!} and screwed these knobs right in. EASY! 

{before I was just hanging the towels off the back of the shower door...}

I found the coolest knobs at Hobby Lobby for 50% off: 

The only issue I've found is that some of the other knobs I purchased do not have the back part next to the door...so I have to trim down the back of the threads so the knobs don't go all the way THROUGH the door!
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