Julia's Bounty {Baby Gift}

As I've previously mentioned, {here, here,  + here} my longtime friend from way back when, recently gave birth to a baby girl named Julia. They were uncertain of the name up until a little after she was born, but the minute I had a confirmed name, I went to town personalizing....

Before the baby was born I made: 

The newborn mittens were based on THIS PIN, although I added a little yarn bow, in case my ribbing was too wide. 

The hat was based on this pin although mine has ribbing, so I suppose I did it differently. 
{Leave a comment if you are trying to recreate this hat and need more details.} 

The next is the cutest little dress. I hate to admit, but I seriously have a mental block, I always think it is called the clementine dress, but alas, I am completely WRONG, it is actually the geranium dress from Made by Rae. Ooops. Seriously though, this pattern is genius. I am actually going to buy her pattern, as the newborn or 0-3 month size (?) is free, but it was so easy to put together!!

I've already shown the DIY Personalized Baby Toms, but I never said how I did it: the amazing pattern at Homemade Toast, another I'm definitely thinking I will buy as soon as I have a new sewing room!

And once the baby arrived + a name was picked out, I made:

One of my new favorite gifts is perseonalized burp cloths. Because lets face it, babies can be messy. I made three using the embroidery unit on my sewing machine:

 For these, I simply measured the center section of the gerber brand cloths (from Walmart) and added 1" to the dimensions. I ironed in 1/2" on the sides, and sewed it down. Pretty easy!

I also included a personalized bib, it was premade, I just added her name:

 My favorite gift of all is this stroller blanket. It's not extremely large, just enough to cover the car seat, but seriously perfect...

This adorable plushie is from {here}

 Here is a canvas that I added the baby's birth info onto, using vinyl.

Here is the details: 

And finally, I couldn't send a huge box for the baby and include nothing for the big brother...

Using chalkboard cloth (there really is such a thing) I made the chalkboard about 6x9" and used flannel for the case. I cut two flannels pieces 7x10", as well as 1 piece of interfacing (adding the interfacing to one piece of the flannel. I sewed the clalkboard cloth onto one piece using a zig zag stitch. Then I made a mini pocket. I'd guess the dimensions were 4"x4" and sewed the edges together to create a pocket, then sewing the pocket (and a piece of 24" ribbon) into the seams before I sewed the edges together (right sides together, flipping through a 4" opening along one of the sides.) I added chalk to the pocket and rolled 'er up!

 Lots + lots of little things...but I had the absolute BEST time making all of it. I can't wait until she's a little bigger so I can make her a doll bed and more clothes. Totally adorable.

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