Master Bathroom Update {DIY Shelving + Mirrors}

A while ago, we changed our our light fixture {and all of the faucets, etc.} in the master bathroom to have a chrome everything matched. Without realizing it, the new light fixture was lower + closer to the mirrors, causing the mirror frames to melt: 

Here are a few befores: 
{before we moved in}
{before we moved in}
{right after we moved in}

It was not horrible, but the melted mirrors looked bad. It started to be the only thing I would see every time I was in the bathroom. 

I decided to reuse the mirrors, by creating new wooden frames...that wouldn't melt from the light bulbs. I ended up using my old mirrors as a template, and simply made sure to have at least a 1" overlap on the back side of the frame. 

And, as things go, once you adjust the mirrors, it becomes necessary to change out the shelving. You can see where this is going...tiny project, turning into a bigger project. oops.

I used Ana White's book, which has the instructions to build bathroom storage, and then tweaked the plans to make the smaller storage shelf, and only added two shelves, instead of four. With some help from my husband, we had these finished in one day! And then it took me forever to paint them...and even longer to finally hang them. {Hanging these shelves meant I needed to fix all of the holes from the previous shelves...}

Now that I have all this extra storage space, I can proudly display my teeth {I need a mouth guard because I grind my teeth in my sleep, sexy, right?!}

I also picked up this beat up  looking basket, that I completely fell in love with...perfect for storing extra towels. 

And then, my old trusty towel rack:

It's like having a new bathroom!

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