Handmade Gift Idea {Things for Mom-to-Be}

One of my friends {from way back when} is expecting her second child, a baby girl. I was so thrilled when she asked me to make her a few things for the baby's room, remember the ruffle quilt? And I was so excited by the challenge her Mom surprised me with. After seeing what I had made for the baby's room, my friend's Mom asked that I hand make her Christmas gift: a hospital/nursing gown, a matching pillowcase, plus a matching outfit for the new baby. I was SO excited! 

With all of the excitement of Christmas, I now look back and wish I had taken better pictures, but I suppose these from my iPhone will suffice...sorry. 

You can probably recognize the fabric, as I had used similar patterns for the ruffle quilt. 

I decided to go with a solid pink pillowcase, maybe even something the baby will be able to use some day when she's old enough for a pillow. I had pinned on some rolled flowers {bummer this picture doesn't do them justice!}

For the baby, I made some fleece booties, newborn pants, embellished a onesie with rolled flowers, as well as a few headbands and a hat.

And for the Mom to be, a hospital gown, with buttons down the back AND the coolest part is that across the top in the front there are snaps so she's able to discretely nurse without showing too much...

Here's a view of the snaps:

And while I probably shouldn't post this for the world to see, here's a picture of my little boy modeling one of the hair bows...pretty cute, right?!

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