Baby Decor Using Embroidery Hoops {Tutorial}

When I made my longtime friend the Ruffle Quilt, I also promised her some matching wall decor. I'd seen an idea {most likely on Pinterest?} using embroidery hoops and fabric. 

This was really simple and I think really adorable. I can't wait to see pictures of these hanging in the baby's room. 

How to:

To begin, decide a rough layout using the unfinished wooden embroidery hoops. I ordered mine from in a variety of sizes as small as 2" and as large as 14" and one 5"x9" oval.

Once I had a general layout, I removed the outer loops and painted the top + outside rim {in this case I used pink Martha Stewart paint.}

Leaving the paint to dry, I used the inner hoops to determine which fabrics would be used in the different hoops. I also figured out which hoop was going to have embellishment (ruffles, button flowers, etc) before gluing down the fabric. 

After I had decided the fabric for each hoop AND making sure the paint was dry on the outer hoops, I embellished, then used pinking shears to trim off the excess fabric, leaving about 1" extra on the back side. I used my glue gun (on low temp if yours has the option) to glue down the entire edge of the extra fabric towards the backside on the inner wooden hoop. 

I made sure to finish one hoop at a time to keep my fabric/hoops from getting mixed up.

Overall this was a really easy, quick project. And cute too.
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