A Fantastic Trash Can Turkey?! {Thanksgiving Recap}

As I mentioned in my previous post, my family came to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It was your pretty standard Thanksgiving, except for one unique feature: we cooked our turkey in a trash can. I'd never heard of such a thing, but my brother mentioned it with such rare enthusiasm, that we had to try it. My sister-in-law's uncle had cooked it this way numerous times, with great success. We figured we'd give it a try, although we'd already ordered a turkey breast & ham from Honeybaked Ham. We had all of our bases covered!

{Start with a completely thawed turkey, remove inside yuk, season with some oil, salt & pepper}

{Notice the dog is never far, make sure to mind the bird especially if your dog is anything like ours!}

 {It's a surprisingly moist and delicious turkey. The metal trash can serves as a dutch oven, and cooks up a pretty decent turkey...and I generally don't like turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!}

For more information, google trash can turkey, we used: http://thetrashcanturkey.com/ to gather information.
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