Welcome, Fall!

My motivation & available free time have been low...This back to school business is throwing me for a loop...and taking me out of the house more it seems.

In preparation for a meeting regarding Early Intervention services for my little guy, I decided to pull out some fall decor before the team arrived. Going from the basement storage area, pulling up random decorations, and trimming down a piece of burlap from my stash, I quickly pulled together a Fall entry.

The candles are sitting on piece of old pallet from the garage (ghetto? or unusual? did I cross that fine line?) Some old fall signs from JoAnns, mini pumpkin candles from Pottery Barn from a few years ago, the large leaves are from Current from when I lived in Colorado, at the top you can see my book page wreath from a loooong time ago.

The owl family I made with my almost 4 year old son. The body of the owl is made from a toilet paper roll, the body and wings from cupcake liners. These came together really quickly, and might be my new favorite decoration. I'm a sucker for hand made cuteness. {Idea from the Oct 2012, Family Fun Magazine.}

This took maybe 15 minutes, but instantly brought fall into our house. I did this a few weeks ago when I felt like it was too early to pull out the Halloween decorations, but now that it's October, I need to pull out the rest of the goods.

I have been trying to get back to doing something crafty every day...my sewing machine has been out, but just today I put it away so I could dust the dining room table and put things away that I've slowly taken from my sewing room and brought to the dining room. It seems like it's wrong to have set up shop in the dining room, but it makes it possible to quickly sew a little while cooking, or watching the children. Does any one else have an assigned space for crafts or work, but end up working somewhere else? I keep telling myself some day my children will be big enough that I can actually USE my sewing room while they are elsewhere {school?}

Happy Fall Y'all.
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