Back to Reality {Vacation is over & school is starting!}

Back to life, back to reality (as the song goes)...

My family just returned from a vacation to my in-law's's always great to get away, to spend time with family, and have a change of scenery...especially when the scenery is lake front, and the weather is pleasant! 

So we did some of this: 

And some of this:

My in-laws are now the proud owners of a soft service ice cream maker/machine. {Happy Birthday!} They are now the only soft-serve ice cream place on their lake (that we can find...thus the machine!)

My mother-in-law helped me pin a quilt I am making for my that is ready for quilting and has been added to the never ending to do list.

To finish off our vacation my husband used a gift certificate I had purchased for him at Christmas...he's a HUGE car guy, so he really enjoyed going 128 mph!
{I should add a huge way to go to this guy, he is just finishing his six sigma blackbelt project AND recently received his PMP certification!! He's pretty cute, too!}

And now we are gearing up for school to start. (Isn't it too soon for school?!)

I just finished my last project {the laundry room} and need to take some pictures to share with you...It seems like I tend to like going away mid-project and coming back to finish. Maybe not logical, but I suppose it's good to recharge the battery to keep the momentum going. Plans have already been made for my next project: the pantry!
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