For the Graduate

I've had my new sewing machine since New Years but I hate to admit I haven't had much time to sew...and really little time to embroider anything {bummer!} 

The first great grandchild of my family just graduated from high school. She's a lovely young lady, and I am seriously in denial about the possibility that she is old enough to go to college because I clearly remember the day she was born. {Scary!!!}

While I was on vacation at Strawberry Hill my Mom and I ended up running to the laundromat to clean all of the linens in the house...while we were waiting we decided to go to this adorable boutique. I saw this jute bag and loved it:

{it's made by the same people that make Willow Tree Angels}
So I decided to find some stuff to fill the bag with...and ultimately decided on giving her shower supplies she can use at college: towels, flip flops & soap: 

And I even got the chance to monogram some towels for her using my new sewing machine!

Here are all the goods I collected:

 The bag stuffed to the brim:

 And wrapped in cellophane:

I also created a fun gift tag using the software the goes with my Silhouette machine:

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