the perfect boy gift-a tent kit

My nephew turns 4 in a few weeks. I figured since we were getting a chance to see him, I'd bring his birthday present. I'd seen some cool ideas of tent kits on Pinterest and decided to make once for him. 

Here is the tent set up in my in-law's living room. We actually used a suction cup/hook stuck to the center of the tv to hold up the far side!

Here is the tent kit in action:

I made a bag for the tent kit using an old t-shirt I had in the donate pile. I made a little iron on transfer using my Silhouette machine. I also included 2 flat twin sized sheets with ties sewn on the corners and through the center (to help it "hang") two flashlights, a bunch of "attachment devices"-clothes pins, &suction cup/hooks, and cotton clothes line rope. I purchased everything at Walmart.

Twin Sheets (2) $5 each
Flashlights (2 kinds) $3 & $5--the one is a whistle too, but I don't think the kids realize that yet!
Clothes Pins (plastic & wooden) I would imagine $5 or less
Rope $2
TOTAL cost: about $25...

I reused the bags the sheets came in to hold the clothes pins and rope.

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