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Last weekend I met with a few of my favorite people in the world. A definite cast of characters (to say the least!) from my college days. I met most of them my very first day of college. We have LOTS and LOTS of memories together through the years.

We began planning our reunion months ago, and between upcoming baby births, birthdays, anniversaries, and life in general, we scheduled the weekend months in advance. We stayed in the Fashion District {a block away from the studio where the Martha Stewart Show tapes} and more or less ate our way through New York City.

With this group of friends, we all leave our filters home and gab about anything and EVERY thing. It's the best. I just wish I had taken more pictures...

My weekend started linking up at the train station with my two besties, Leslie & Amy. Leslie ALMOST left her purse in her car after her brother dropped her off, and we had a sort of romantic comedy, sprint onto the train moment. But we made it...on our way we drove past my hubbie's alma mater...hiding across the Hudson River:

We arrived in NYC in the early afternoon and I was STARVING. We went to BRGR and ate a seriously delicious lunch: 

{Amy & Kate at BRGR}

My besties. 

Our first night we visited the hotel's rooftop bar. Talk about amazing views!! We definitely were in bed by 11/11:30 Friday night...

Saturday we woke up bright & early. Thankful our children had trained us to wake up with the sun. We decided to visit the World Trade Center, BUT that was kind of a bust, we didn't plan ahead and get we went shopping instead.

 After shopping, we had lunch at Mesa Grill...followed by drinks in Union Square at the W Hotel Bar, Olives. Amazing. I'm still dreaming about their candle...I must order the CANDLE!!

Saturday night, we ate dinner at Pulinos, an amazing Italian place. Yum. I don't have any pictures from dinner, but afterwards we went out drinking....

Here is my friend Erin at McSorley's Pub. It was so packed we basically walked in and walked out.
 And then, we headed back to the hotel rooftop bar. When the bar closed down for the night, we should have gone to bed, but were having too much fun. You know it was fun when you start instagramming pictures on the spot. haha.

 Yes, that is the Empire State Building behind Erin & me.

We didn't go to bed until about 4am. I woke up around 6am, very sick. Apparently my body was VERY unhappy with me, and I was ill the entire day. Thankfully, we hopped on the train first thing in the morning (like 8:45am) and were back to my parent's house by 11am. Amy, Leslie, & I took a much needed was great to see my kids & husband again. And I'm already looking forward to our next reunion. It's never too early to start planning, right?

The following day, I felt like a new woman. I caught up on sleep...and then went for a hike with my Mom, husband & sons.

My boys at Tymore Park:

And Tuesday we headed back to reality. The amazing view on our ride home.  The clouds were magnificent.

And that was my reunion weekend in a nutshell. I'm happy I lived to talk about it...haha.
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