Today in my house we've reached a milestone. I have TWO children both sleeping in their appropriate beds. Yippee!

contemplating naptime with his beloved "lovie." 
I had been so concerned about switching my almost three year old out of his crib, but alas, I don't know why I ever doubted him. He took the change like a champ when we removed the front of his crib and converted his crib into a toddler bed. He cried initially, but then continued napping and sleeping well...I am going to erase a few early mornings from my memory, and hate to admit I've added a door knob child safety device to the inside of his door. At least now the only late night visitor I have is our dog...

But today, I took the toddler bed out of my sons room and reassembled it in the baby's room. My firstborn's only choice would be to sleep in his big boy bed. {Okay, I will admit it's been set up in his room for days now and he absolutely refused to go near it when it came to bedtime.} But now that it is his only choice, he reluctantly took his nap in his big boy bed. {YAY!}

Happy to show off his big boy bed...

I'll tell you about it soon, but this is my husband's childhood bed.
I recently gave it a paint job and now hope that it can be loved for years to come by my son. The bed is made with my college bedding {sheets: Eddie Bauer; duvet: GAP circa 1999.}
Make room for #2. The baby happily took his first nap in his "new" crib. 
 ACTUAL NAP TIME. {Read: end of the world?!}
Some actual tears might be in his eyes at this point. He is trying {in his word-less way} to convince me he doesn't NEED a nap, but this momma ain't no fool! 

"C'mon, let me take your picture resting in your big boy bed." Score 1 for Mom. 

Thank Goodness for the trusted lovie. 

As I walked out the door, I snapped this. And not a peep...
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