Do YOU want to take better pictures?

Since purchasing my Digital SLR camera, I've been on a quest to improve my photography skills and to simply take better pictures. I came across this fantastic e-book by Kristen Duke (who is a truly talented photographer!) that gives the in's and out's of taking your camera off "auto" and using the camera to it's fullest potential. Aside from providing detailed instructions of the different modes and how they work, she also gives a mini-cheat cheats to help master ISO, Aperture, & Shutter Speed. One awesome feature is that it it printable as a 4 by 6 photograph. I'm planning on printing out a copy of each page so I have this "book" on hand whenever I need it.

If you are looking to improve your photography and take your camera off "auto" I would highly recommend Kristen's book. Take the plunge, give it a try. I dare you!

If this move doesn't kill me, I hope to be able to share some pictures of my new digs soon!
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