T-Shirt Quilt {time to finally finish?}

So back in AUGUST, I shared a t-shirt quilt that I was working on for my husband.

Not that we need more quilts, but more of a means of saving some cherished t-shirts that were cramming his drawers. I put the entire thing together fairly quickly, but then it came to the quilting part and the project completely stalled. And when I say stalled, I mean, I put the quilt top in the closet and forgot about it since August. I knew I needed to finish it. Ideally before I was knee deep in new-baby-ness. So, now I'm in the final trimester, and is the quilt done: of course not!

I finally ordered some cheap extra wide quilt backing from fabric.com, not exactly what I had in mind but I never like to spend a lot of money on backing. I've had the fabric for a few weeks, and over the weekend I finally washed it, and yesterday during my son's nap I finally ironed it, and layered the quilt!

Layering a quilt is a major job in my mind. I hate to admit that I sort of hate doing it. My mother in law and husband's aunt have perfect tables to clip the quilt layers to, and it's always more fun with the 3 of us pinning a quilt. Maybe I was waiting to finish this to have a chance to pin it with them....but yesterday I cleaned the sewing/guest/new baby room and pinned the quilt to the floor to get the job done.

I realized though I don't have black thread....so today, I'm going to get black thread and I'm going to start quilting this monster. Hopefully this will remind me again to only sew baby quilts!
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