Project: fail

I feel like this past weekend all I wanted to do was something fun and creative, but every attempt was thwarted.

My printer broke, requiring a substantial amount of time to fix it. Boo, I'm hating HP right now. Printer is still not fixed. I've wasted a TON of ink and at least a tree worth of paper, still no fix.

I went to the fabric store to pick fabric to make a car seat cover and they were having computer issues and had to hand write every cut of fabric making for a VERY long experience. Luckily my husband was able to babysit so I didn't have to rush!

My husband & I finally sanded and applied wood putty to a bookshelf I made last fall. We even bought paint, but the color match made the paint look pretty pink and not so RED. Boo. I'm hoping another coat of paint will help it look more red.

I attempted to use my Silhouette to cut out some fabric. It cut the fabric perfectly, BUT I forgot to hit a button to weld the letters, making each cursive letter cut individually---won't work unfortunately.

I feel like I just can't win. And even though Spring has sprung, little green blooms can be seen in my garden, and I was able to go outside without a coat, today a cold front came in...I can't even win with the weather.

OH, and I found out that I WILL be moving late this summer. Yikes.

So I'm trying to be creative today. I'm avoiding my printer at all costs and I'm hoping my creativity is allowed to thrive today. Hopefully I'll have something fun to share with you all VERY soon!
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  1. Take a deep breath and try again. It'll all come together at some point.
    (Besides, ALL of us have had MAJOR craft fails.)


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