I'm back to being an insomniac, so I must lay down during my son's nap today. (I might have a Real Housewives episode while I do....but as long as I get some rest...) This post will be short:

It was love at first sight with these chicksicles over at Just Another Hang Up. Not to mention my son has a severe fear of ice/icepacks/anything cold (or hot for that matter) and he also has a nack for always getting booboo's on his head. It will be a miracle if this kid can play a contact sport when he's older...I had to make him one of these! {I just hope it's cuteness will win my son over to ice packs!}

So, I don't think mine are AS cute. But they are okay. I filled mine with beans (because I had them) not rice (because I didn't have much.) I still need to sew the seam shut-but you get the idea. They are still pretty cute, just not AS cute...

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