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My mother is amazing. But, as all mothers {myself included} sometimes do, she nags. Not in a "you're horrible" way, but a "it's the right thing to do" kind of way. So, somewhere in the last 30 years she's instilled a serious sense of I MUST MAIL THANK YOU NOTES PROMPTLY in me... my wedding invitations were written & mailed within days of our wedding. Long story, but we were moving cross country and I didn't want to risk holding off with the excitement of the move lingering!

And, so this Thank You note thing has created these imaginary etiquette rules (I think I created them myself anyway) and I feel the thank you has to be in the mail very quickly. I don't want to forget {because I know that realistically CAN happen} and God forbid any money (specifically checks) are involved because I cannot cash a check until a thank you has been mailed...crazy. I know.

I love receiving mail. I love making stationary. I love someone saying, oh I got your letter in the mail today. So, I don't begrudge sending thank you's, and honestly, I LOVE receiving them. So, my birthday was in the beginning of the month and I had this lingering "I have to mail thank you notes" feeling, I remembered seeing a great post on embellishing stationary on the Jones Design Company, and was inspired to use a similar technique.

I used plain white stationary, used my computer to print off a simple but sentimental message, and then used Stickles (what Emily had recommended) to add a glittery special effect along the edges. Simple, and project was complete within a nap-time. Phew. {I'll check that item off my list!}

And if I could, I'd send all of you a thank you for reading. It makes me feel good to know I'm not writing these posts for myself!
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  1. I love these! Also I remember you sending my dad a thank you after spending the weekend. I thought you were so grown up!


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