Well, cold & flu season has officially come & visited our house. Unfortunately, what started off as a slight little cough on Friday developed into a full born: do we take him to the Dr? sleepless, grumpy, miserable, "parenting is hard" sort of weekend.

Our generally pleasant and easy going little guy is sick, thankfully for the first time in his two years of life. So, we're making do, napping whenever possible, watching some Sprout in the middle of the night, offering drinks and food every other blink (it seems), and hoping whatever this IS passes quickly, because now we're ALL sick. Luckily we have a pediatrician visit this afternoon.

On a somewhat twisted note, I'm enjoying having a snuggly little man, who WANTS to be held and snuggled. I miss those days of having a little snuggle-bug. It's nice being able to baby my baby.

Hopefully he'll be feeling better very soon, so I can share with you some cute things I made with my Silhouette machine :) And hopefully we'll be able to run to the post office to mail off some gifts, so I can share the surprises with you!
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