Showering (optional?)

Maybe this is too much information for a Monday morning, but I'm a big believer in a daily shower, in the morning to be specific. I like to start my day fresh and clean, and I remember being the same for a LONG, LONG time. But, being a mother, I think showering tended to become more of a challenge. Being alone in a house with a child (regardless of age) it becomes questionable about what to do with said child....and in my opinion, waking up before the child: NOT AN OPTION!

When my son was born, I decided that every day regardless of my plans I would take a shower. Yes, sometimes I do put sweatpants BACK on, and sometimes I even wear them to bed that following night, but I typically ALWAYS take a shower.

So, call me CRAZY, but on days (like today) that I know I have a LOT of cleaning to get done, I take a why bother stance. I let that shower dangle in front of me, a teaser: get the cleaning done, take a shower. Am I the only one like this??

On a craftier note, I have been doing a gazillion projects it seems. Unfortunately my photos are all taken on my iPhone, which means I need to locate my phone before uploading the pictures so I can share them. BUT, today I promised myself the #1 priority on my list was a MAJOR cleaning. Our washer broke last week, so now I'm playing laundry catch up too. Uh, I think I have a case of the Mondays.
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